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THANK YOU for joining us at the South Florida Pet Expo, March 19 - 20, 2016 and also at the Fort Lauderdale/Miami Pet Expo, November 5 - 6, 2016.

A portion of the proceeds donated to animal rescue.

Every October, many parishes celebrate the Blessing of the Animals.  It is a wonderful, meaningful service that further bonds us to our beloved animals.  How comforting to know they are embraced with God's everlasting love and unites them with his spirit.

If your parish is hosting this celebration or you know of any parishes that are, please use our 'contact' form to let us know.  We would like to reach out to all those who cherish life, no matter what form, and thank them for their blessings. 

Since the animals can't speak for themselves, we are honored to speak for them.

Blessing of the Animals - Every October

Check your local church listings

Actual size:  4" x 6"


pages: 58

$9.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

Spiritual Prayers For Animals


Inspirational quotes and meaningful prayers to bless all those special animals in your life and those who dedicate their lives saving them and us.